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Yankee Smokehouse BBQ in Ossipee, NH

Yankee Smokehouse BBQ in Ossipee, NH

Smoked ribs, pork, chicken, beef & our homemade BBQ sauce

How Awesome Flavor is Born

Barbecue and grilling are often confused because they both involve flames and cooking meat. Real, old school barbecue happens when you place a large cut of meat or ribs in a closed pit and let it cook indirectly (away from the fire) with low heat, flavored by the smoke of a wood fire.

Yankee Smokehouse’s award-winning barbecue features smoked ribs, pork, chicken, beef, homemade BBQ sauce, beans, chili, and all the trimmings!


what people say about us

“Best Of” - Featured on StayWorkPlay, NH Food & Beverage

“Great BBQ at Yankee Smokehouse, Ossipee, NH” - Chowhound

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